Elephants, the grand old telepathists, will read our every thought; I think I was rapidly trying to detox my mind here –  be humble, grateful for his tolerance –  not cause offence. A few years after this meeting this particular lone male was slaughtered by poachers; that millionaire trophy hunters are constantly seen committing the exact same crime with impunity doesn’t help this diabolical situation. Niassa Reserve, Mozambique.

A mother of three adult children and when not writing poetry I am also a children’s author, a layabout, an artist, conservationist and farm-worker/groom.

Afra Kingdon

(Paintings done as part of a theatre set on the Amazon Rainforest at the Pegasus Theatre, Oxford which I wrote aged 18, hmmm… it would be good to recover some of that virgin’s, Joan-of-Arc-type energy again…)