(to be read in the rhythm and gutturals of 2 squabbling Golden orioles, early in the morning in a Cork oak!)

Calling, A poem by Afra Kingdon

St Uncumber

A story on one of the many manifestations of post-traumatic-stress-re-trauma. St Uncumber was the symbolic protector of battered wives and of soldiers, otherwise known as St Whilgefortis (Wildface) the medieval bearded saint, crucified for refusing to be sold off as dowry – a child-bride to an old and violent king. This poem is dedicated to all victims of domestic abuse and in particular a young friend of mine from years ago who was gang raped at the age of twelve – she grew a beard overnight and never spoke again. Also dedicated to the shade of trees that heal.

St Uncumber, A poem by Afra Kingdon

Rats of Today, Rats of Tomorrow

Rats Of Today Rats Of Tomorrow, A poem by Afrea Kingdon

Beluga Linguist

Beluga Linguist, A poem by Afra Kingdon